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Today’s Generation Ministry was established in 1993 as a means to serve a variety of Australian churches, in areas of Creative Arts, Music Evangelism and teaching on the subject of Praise and Worship.

Its founder Alan Cann, a musician and communicator, served on staff as an associate pastor, at two regional churches as music and creative arts Pastor , in recent years on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Wife Jayne is a qualified Counsellor, in private practice while also serving part time as a marriage educator with a large Queensland agency. 

During the five years in the local church Alan was responsible for the week by week programming of music, musicians and singers, service order, and the recording of a Praise and Worship CD.  Alan had the oversight and pastoral care of some 75 volunteer team members.

Before the pastoral appointments he was station manager at Christian Radio Station 107.3 Life FM for some years. Known now as Juice107 FM.

The ministry of Today’s Generation was somewhat “on hold” during that period, as Alan presented on air, and programmed the format generally.

Radio broadcasting has been a passion since the early 80’s, solely in a Christian Licensed Community FM environment.

TGM are equipped and experienced in areas of teaching seminars, conducting and promoting gospel concerts, discipleship and relational workshops. TGM is the ministry behind The Old Boys Gospel Band which Alan leads.  

Alan Cann has a sound knowledge of Church programming in this age, advocating that to be culture current in any community, is as important now as it was in the days of Jesus.

Phone. 07 55227787

Mobile: 0414 957790

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